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Specialists of the Laboratory of Epidemiological Research and Medical Informatics of the State Institution “Institute of Public Health named after A.I. O.M. Marzeeva NAMNU” researched the issues of health status, its subjective feeling, as well as behavior that contributes to health or is risky among people of all ages. Assessment by adolescents and young people of their own health, life satisfaction is important for the development of both preventive programs and directions for promoting health. At the same time, it is also important for the elderly and elderly to maintain an active lifestyle, maintain health, work (self-realization), and overcome the so-called biological determinism. It is reasonable to consider the social environment as an important determinant of health. In this regard, the question of optimizing the social environment arises, since in the absence of a comfortable social environment focused on human development, there are actually no constructive conditions for the formation of good health.


On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the novel severe respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) a pandemic. The number of cases worldwide is constantly growing, the infection is a serious threat to health, especially in the case of old age, immunodeficiency and the presence of concomitant diseases. There are now a growing number of reports and preliminary observations indicating that the COVID-19 virus can also infect the skin. Skin lesions ranging from "covid fingers" to hives can be potential signs of coronavirus. The flow of information about the skin manifestations of coronavirus infection prompts the development of a classification of these lesions.

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В этой связи в рекомендациях Европейского общества гипертензии и Европейского общества кардиологов 2018 подчеркивалось необходимость тщательной стратификации сердечно-сосудистого и общего риска осложнений для выбора наиболее оптимальной антигипертензивной терапии. Первым и обязательным этапом лечения АГ остается модификация стиля жизни (МСЖ), которая направлена ​​на коррекцию вышеуказанных факторов риска, прежде всего модифицируемых.

The left column of the Color Chart shows the four basic shades (BC - 1, 2, 3, 4), and the right column shows the names of the masses that exist in the seven shades. Then the brightness is determined, which determines the degree of luminescence of the hue: black has zero luminescence, and white has maximum luminescence. The value depends on the thickness, water content and mineralization of the enamel. The thicker the enamel layer, the lower its mineralization, the greater the brightness for a given tooth - for example, in children with plaster-white teeth. On the contrary, in older patients, the enamel thins, revealing more mineralized layers that look like glass with a predominantly gray color. We distinguish three types of enamel (children, adults and elderly patients): high brightness (GE3), medium brightness (GE2) and low brightness (GE1). The Color Table contains three values ​​(1, 2, 3), which correspond to low (1), medium (2) and high (3) enamel brightness. These three numbers are represented in tonalities from gray (1) to cool white (2) and milky white (3) to remember the meaning. The most appropriate area for determining this value is the middle third.

Султанов  Руфат Расимович
Руфат Расимович
Главный врач клиники, стоматолог-ортодонт, стоматолог-ортопед, стоматолог терапевт.
Земляной  Алексей Викторович
Алексей Викторович
Стоматолог-хирург, стоматолог-терапевт

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